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I have seen a couple posts go by from amcduino in the last week or so, both with spamish overtones. I should start with the fact that amcduino is actually Advance Micro and I have been personally screwed by them so I do indeed have a dog in this fight. That said, I clicked over to their site and and found a large LMR banner and text proclaiming "We are proud and honored members of LMR". Now, I may be a bit jaded here, so I ask the question openly:

Does anyone else have issue with this? They are not lying, "they" are indeed member(s), and I suppose we honor all who come here but it sure does look like LMR is endorcing this particular supply house which is not true. Do we have a EUA or TOS? Is there a rule against this? Does anyone care? Am I just still sore about my personal dealings with these guys and I should get over it?

Sumpin' don't smell right, here...


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I feel everything that needed to be said on this matter, has been said. And then some. I am calling it now: this thread is frozen. No more commenting until an admin thaws it out again.

For the record: Disco rules. My first robot romanced a lamp to The Bee Gees' Shadow Dancing. So that I didn't have to.

Methinks thou doth protest too much.

Is the horse still dead?

I'm out.

I will start with how I started the above:

I started the above post with "I saw this and it left a bad taste in my mouth, but I might be over reacting". I ended with, "this is how I see it, but I would like to know if I am outta line here." From there, I left it very open-ended and asked the advice of the community.

The community has chimed in and it seems that a theme has developed and that theme is and was the crux of my argument in the first place. This theme (and the issues with it) has remained quite consistant during the life of LMR. --A little effort goes a long way. The reaction I had here is identical to the reaction I have to easily googled questions, questions made before one checks the manual, etc. It has been well established that if you show you have done some work, basically any question, comment or post is going to fly. If one is seeking easy no-work answers, or advertizing with no shown effort tied to that advertizing, flags get raised. Case in point, it was widely agreed that "the Russian screw terminal guy" (which was fairly obvious spam) should get a pass. That post contains comments like, "if anyone is going to go to this much trouble, I say leave it". Bottom line, effort was shown and he got a pass.

Now, back to throwing my cards on the table. Yes, I have a personal beef with this company. I will share why here for 2 reasons: One, it is important to share one's experiences with various companies for the benifit of other members. Second, my experience falls squarly into the theme described above. You gotta give a shit.

I had ordered parts (priority mail 2-3 days shipping) from Advance Micro and almost 3 weeks went by with no parts in my hands. I called and spoke to (the owner?) of Advance Micro who appoligized, said this should not have happened, that this was not how his business was usually run, and that he would make it right by sending the parts overnight. This was a Thursday. Friday night came and went with no tracking number in my email. Saturday came and went with no tracking number in my email. It was only when I called once again on the following Monday that I was assured (again) that it would be shipped soon. The parts were indeed shipped, and through overnight mail, but not until the following Tuesday. Total time to put 2 parts in a box and put a friggin' stamp on it --almost 4 weeks and 2 or 3 calls.

I as a customer, should not have to beg a company to simply do its work. I sure as hell should not have to do it twice. Mistakes happen, I understand, orders can get lost or forgotten. But when a customer calls you on it and it is obvious you have screwed up, that issue should become a priority. At a minimum, priority enough to do the simple act of putting a damn box in the mail as agreed upon.

Not to put too fine a point on it, around here, and in life, I have little tolerance for people who don't give a shit. Again, I reference as an example the original post in question: "Our breadboards have a power supply... Buy them!"  No picture, no numbers (current rating etc.) 2 sentences, that was it. From a business sense, and if the intent is to get people to buy your products, I simply can't see why one would put so little effort.

Look, I will end with how I started. I do indeed have a dog in this fight and I disclosed that fact clearly before I offered my opinion. I have said my peace and I have little more to add. I am not an Admin, I am simply a end-user of LMR and I do not make any decisions in terms of posts or content. Others will chime in and the Admins will make the decisions that need to be made. Others will make their own decision as to have dealings with this company or not. At the end of the day, my personally beliefs are irrelevant.

Everyone, please make up your own mind and make your own decisions. I have made mine. I officially second the "disco theory" as stated above.

I agree with everybody!

A) You CAN "just advertise" without contributing, and that is OK, as long as it is not breaking any other rules or pissin on anyone.

B) You are COOL if what you promote is not just advertising, but if it smells like that you are engaged. Or if you even are engaged and want to participate.

C) It is NICE when someone put up the LMR logo anywhere. When I see an LMR logo on a DAGU product, my balls say "WTF? Did they get permission to that?" - but then I think; Hey, if this brings more people to the site then it is cool. It's not like they print it on toilet paper, they say that they are happy to be a part.

D) If you say that you are down with disco, and everyone can see that you cannot dance, you may think that you are cool, some might even think you are cool.. but if you haven't got it, then it is not bad for the name of Disco, it just makes you look funny :)

Peace Love, and once again, I am amazed by the power of our community :D HOORAY!

The posts do seem a bit spamy. But the disturbing bit is the giant LMR banner on their site.

Like I said in the main post, I would like to know if I'm outta line here but one thing is true and it seems you and I both feel the same:

The posts would have probably sailed under the wire if they were A) labeled as components B) included a picture and C) consisted of more than "buy my breadboard, it has a power supply."

Actually, now that I think about it, this has happened before... The Russian guy and the screw-terminals. You can see some work went into that spam and we gave it a pass. I guess "A little effort goes a long way around here" means more than checking the manual before you ask.



I have asked them to read our rules and post their products as components. I have also suggested that a component should be more than a web link. They should be posting photos and enough detail for LMR members to decide if their product would suit their needs.

Indeed it is nearly spam-ish. Though I think if they properly edited their post then it could become a product post. As for the LMR logo idk.