Let's Make Robots!

Device "X" ,determining the direction of incoming gunfire.

Its not done yet, a picture is worth a thousand words :)

Ill try to provide more info when done.

the PCBs are home made, i regret not routing some pads for the wires as it would have turned out neater.

PS: it's placed with the "robots" not with "something else" because it classifies as a robot, if you feel that it suits the "something else" part more feel free to move it there :)

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i really like the style of your pcb stacks!

the US army likes your idea Jad. They are starting to use a system like yours.

It would be cool to install such device into robot and it knows where you are when you call it.

On a number of levels. Your etching skills are amazing. The lines are so crisp and sharp. It has quite a large analog circuit. Pictures are nice but schematics tell more. After seeing a lot of your projects now I've come to the conclusion you must buy copperclad by the boatload ;  )

ps hope one day you won't hear gunshots in lebanon.

Thanks Merser , well i love the neatness when etching one's own circuit. i actually converted an old scanner to become a UV exposure unit. and that is really the cause as to why my boards seem clean and sharp. As you might have guessed already i use photo resistive PCBs that i develop and etch in acid after proper exposure, i might do a small tutorial about this later.

Ohh gunshots, we love them actually in Lebanon :P gun shots on special occasions, gun shots when families fight, gun shots for civil strife. BIG gunshots when israel tries to f*ck with Hizbollah. Every one in Lebanon has a gun of some sort, or an RPG launcher.  Oh well, the empty bullet casing should be our national symbol :P

Do i detect a melt down of one of the capacitors ;-) ...... yes i have always wondered why they never insulate the top of electrolytics.

I like the idea of surround sound detection.... good luck with rest of build.

I think Jad-Berro’s reason for insulating the top of the capacitors is not to short cut a copper trace on the board above.

The capacitor in question was placed in reverse, 12 volts of a large lead acid battery caused it to violently explode ! it literally threw me of the chair and it to the ground ! I isolated them this way because they were in close proximity to the leads of the upper stack. the companies that make them definitely should consider a light insulation.

Thanks :)

Did your detector at least detect the correct direction of the bang?

I believe it had a great shock and all directions were registered :P i did not really notice, since i dramatically fell to the ground :P