Let's Make Robots!

Device "X" ,determining the direction of incoming gunfire.

Its not done yet, a picture is worth a thousand words :)

Ill try to provide more info when done.

the PCBs are home made, i regret not routing some pads for the wires as it would have turned out neater.

PS: it's placed with the "robots" not with "something else" because it classifies as a robot, if you feel that it suits the "something else" part more feel free to move it there :)

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What I think you have made here ,is a board with a  directional microphone that dedects the sound  flying objects do

as they move through air.The role of the four microphones is to dedect from which side the object is comming by reading them

simultaneously and by comparing the values its one gives.

Am I right?

The sound that i want to detect is the gun fire sound from the source. Not the bullet itself.

the second portion is correct, it does compare the 4 and gives out a single direction which is the most close.

next model would calculate the intensity from the 2 most powerful signals and determine exactly from where its coming.

Have you considered using the frequency/sound of the gunfire or amplitude to try and determine the gun that shot it/how far away it is ?

This is just the prototype and a quite dumb proof of concept. any further model will be based on an SBC "Single Board Computer" to do all the analysis and a lot more.

On a number of levels. Your etching skills are amazing. The lines are so crisp and sharp. It has quite a large analog circuit. Pictures are nice but schematics tell more. After seeing a lot of your projects now I've come to the conclusion you must buy copperclad by the boatload ;  )

ps hope one day you won't hear gunshots in lebanon.

Thanks Merser , well i love the neatness when etching one's own circuit. i actually converted an old scanner to become a UV exposure unit. and that is really the cause as to why my boards seem clean and sharp. As you might have guessed already i use photo resistive PCBs that i develop and etch in acid after proper exposure, i might do a small tutorial about this later.

Ohh gunshots, we love them actually in Lebanon :P gun shots on special occasions, gun shots when families fight, gun shots for civil strife. BIG gunshots when israel tries to f*ck with Hizbollah. Every one in Lebanon has a gun of some sort, or an RPG launcher.  Oh well, the empty bullet casing should be our national symbol :P

It would be cool to install such device into robot and it knows where you are when you call it.

the US army likes your idea Jad. They are starting to use a system like yours.

i really like the style of your pcb stacks!