Let's Make Robots!

Just an Idea that I don't want to forget :)

Ok so I've been playing around with my losi rc car and looking for a couple of hop up parts when I came across a video of someone building a losi micro t using just spare parts you can buy. I was already hoping to build a small bare bones arduino from scratch so if I could combine that with just the chassis I reckon it would be possible to make a cool little robot chassis :D

It would also be great fun to build and I always like the micro rc's - would be quite expensive though =/ 

Picture it with an atmega328, h-bridge and ping sensor instead of the current electronics, only issue would be batteries....

I think the space for electronics is about 6x5cm although I may be wrong.

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It could be wicked :D

You want long distance sensors!!

Oh, Wait a moment! I have one of these as well :D

With the upgraded motor (not brushless though) but man it goes fast with that! I think it will be very hard to drive autonomously at full speed!