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My First Robot

Navigate Around via Sharp IR

This is my first robot. I have build it completely. I have finished Programming and my Robot is complete. It can drive around without hitting stuff. Yay. Thanks for everyones help who has helped me. Check out the video too.



Added some more Pictures of my first Robot!!



Front View

Front View


Microcontroller: Picaxe 28x1


Rear View



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Even went for the tracks I see, very nice. A couple suggestions for you...

Try unplugging the motors and see if it works ok. If it does you've got some noise from the motor you need to supress. I've never used those gearboxes but I thought I'd throw that out there.

You should also use the DEBUG command after the READADC commands to see what value your sensor is returning. That may help you troubleshoot a bit further if you need it. The sensor readings are never rock-steady constant and they shouldn't be all over the place. Good luck.

Thanks i tried that and it worked!!