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LMR Downtime

LMR will be down for a software update tonight about 10pm PST (GMT-8). No big changes, just some core updates. Expected downtime is 30 minutes or less.

edit = To clarify, 2011-02-09 2200 PST (if I did timezone math correctly that's 2011-02-10 0600 GMT)

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Smooth Del, thanks :)

We're back, with a downtime of about 15 minutes. Things seem to be working so far. Please hold your shift key while hitting reload to fetch the latest javascript and css files.

If anyone notices anything please contact me and let me know.


Judging by the troubles I have accessing LMR here in ZhongShan you must update every other day :p

Ooh, um, well... it's been months since I last pushed an update. Maybe should've done it sooner? Hehe

Out of curiosity, what kind of troubles are they? Timeouts on our end? Routing out of China? I'm not going to make any specific promises, but the release after this one should be able to bring some performance improvements, so hopefully that'll help some.

LMR is often slower that other sites and I do ge timeouts. As a lot of this happens during lunch I suspect there are more workers in China going online during this period. Perhaps the problem is within this building.

I was joking. Not your fault.