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Propeller Platform Logic Analyzer

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The PPLA is an open source Digital Logic Analyzer (DLA) with 28 channel sampling @ 10ns, specifcally for use with Propeller Platform modules. Through the use of stacking headers it maybe inserted between a Propeller Platform module and its application shield board. It is attached to a host computer that will monitor, record and then display the various digital lines.  It works with Propalyzer, an open source DLA software application, and Viewport;


  • compatible with any Propeller Platform board, original, PP-SD, PP_USB
  • stacks between processor board and any of its attached shields
  • a 3.3 volt Digital Logic Analyzer
  • board runs at 100 MHz permitting 10 nanosecond sampling
  • does 28 channels (P0 to P27)
  • it can actually do 30 channels ... by removing the PPLA EEPROM and loading the PPLA firmware to RAM, the PPLA's P28/P29 is now available to monitor the Unit Under Test (UUT) P28/P29 or P30/P31. set with jumpers
  • kit is totally through hole parts. No special tools are needed
  • PPLA (Propalyzer) firmware is totally open source (MIT license)
  • PPLA (Propalyzer) firmware is ViewPort ready
  • Propalyzer software (host computer) is also totally open source (MIT license)
  • no power needed. PPLA draws from the UUT's processor board
  • jumpers to enable/disable Reset and Write to EEPROM
  • A zipfile containg the PPLA firmware and the Propalyzer software is here
  • more information and updates about the Propalyzer can be found here
  • This Propeller Platform module is a collaboration betweeen Steve Denson (Jazzed) and Brian Riley with some big time kibitzing by Nick, the Gadget Gangster, the godfather of "the Platform".

For those of you with a Basic Stamp background, think Basic Stamp Logic Analyzer (BSLA), except by comparison, the PPLA is running on high octane jet fuel ... and at a price less than BSLA was sold for at its End-of-Life. The PPLA has features and capabilties of DLA's costing 5 to 20 times the price of the PPLA.

This is available at the Shoppe @ Wulfden.  I also did a video preview of it here.


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You don't want to connect 5V devices directly, the standard way is to use inline resistors, 2k - 5k.  Other than that, it works fine.