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working with robot soccer model ... main problems

hi everybody
here i am working in smaller model of ( robot soccer ) ..
i work hardley to make it playing autonomously ( without computer ) .. (( i said smaller model in above :lol: )) , just i used ( Pic’s - sensors - servo motors ).

this is some details about what i work in :
every team have 3 players ( goalkeeper + 2 on the ground ) .
ground are closed from all directions ( as square ) , so no ( out - throw in .. etc ) .

my problems includes 3 things :
1 - how can player detect his team ..?
2 - how can player detect opponents ..?
3 - what is the suitable method to dribbling , passing and kicking ( scoring ) ..?
4 - how can the goalkeeper play .

about the 4th point , i just make the goal keeper follow the ball and if distance between ball and goalkeeper is 2 cm and less the goalkeeper move forward for ball side , but still have problem with keeping it in goal zone and not exceed it .

after simpl and little try ( with one player ) i dont know how can players back to the intial position to start a match ( after score a goal ) ...

in first model i made , i used ( pics - sensors ( reflective ) - servo motors ) and just 2 players ( 1 player + 1 goalkeeper ) , i noticed slow response but i dont know why ..!!?? anyone can tell me about Pics have good features .. ??

ill attach some pictures about the headlines and assumptions soon .

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about microcontroller i used PIC16fXX family ,, but i will try AVR , ithink it have a faster response .
for detection and for simplified i used ir sender and receiver and i notice there is disturbance in response ( actually i said not precise ) .. i bought reflection type of sensor but ill try after 21th of this month ( i have Exaaams ) , also i am looking for more details about ( Sharp Analogue InfraRed Range Finding System (AERS) with cable GP2D12 ) ..!!

about detect opponents simply i think in colour sensing ( detecting ) but it is still not a good choice ..( i have an idea for provideng any team with a radio connection but that make a response so slow and also make over ( full of ) than PIC can take ) , i see if communication done by an external device .

even now i couldnt find any things about dribbling and kicking ,,and how players decide shooting or not or passing ,,

ooh i forgot this , each player have ( pic + 2 servo + wheels + sender & reciver ir )
also there is problem in a rotation and movement in correct form.

everyone need any info , just tell me