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My "Start Here" Robot *Update 1*

This is my "Start Here" robot. I got the parts from Solarbotics in their kit. I have always wanted to build a robot and I didn't think that I was smart enough to build one. But this kit gave me a lot of confidence with assembling and with programing a robot. I am already thinking of upgrading the robot with a ultra sonic detector , a speaker for beeps and a new body. Oh and i want to send a special thanks to this website! If it wasn't for this site I would have never realized my dream of building robots!



Ok so right now the robot has a nickname of Joe Jr. or Jr. for short.  I have been doing some research and I have installed a small speaker to Jr.  He currently plays the imperial march tones when he starts up.  I also used the tone wizard created the tones from close encounters.  I will put it on another project later. Im just proud I did it.


I got the speaker out of an old PC I had and hooked the speaker up to output pin 1 on the positive and the grounds above the outputs.  after doing some research and some help from the help forum I plan on putting a 10uF capacitor in series on the positive wire soon.  I also put the "low 1" command after my tones to tell the micro controller to turn off the speaker per one of the tutorials I was reading.

The small speaker I pulled out of the PC. just the right size for a small robot!


This just shows where I plugged the pins for the speaker.


As said in the start here tutorial this little was a good place to put loose wires.l I just put the speaker in this cavity with the other loose wires.



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Nice work. I share your pride, and love the speaker addition.

Thanks!  I got so excited when I got the speaker to work. LOL

Good start! Welcome to the robot-building world. My wife already gave up shouting at me when I had new member on my rack.

Thanks for the encouragement. and good luck with your wife as well. LOL

Nice job! I hope you have enjoyed your experience and continue to build robots!

I have loved my experience and to my wifes horror I plan on building more robots! LOL

Well, I'm just a kid so I have no wife to worry about for at least the next ten years... but then there's my mom.