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Maintenance: components and unread posts

You know our Components section right? Most of the components in that database are automatically imported from a few vendors who are friendly enough to allow us access to their databases. Each time a new component is added to a vendor's catalog, our server imports it into ours. Changes in details like description and price are also automatically updated.

Each update results in a new listing on your personal Unread page. If you find that annoying, use the following link at the top of that page: Mark all Components as read. This makes the "new" auto-imported components dissappear, until the next batch is imported.

Normally the imports happen daily and are limited to 15 or so components per vendor per day. However, the import has been broken for the past few months, so we are now in the middle of a serious catch-up-operation that will take forever, unless we take some action now.

So that's what we're gonna do. One of these days we're gonna import the lot of them in one fell swoop. This means your "unread" page and your "recent" page will get innundated with components. Remember, one big click on the Mark all Components as read will clean up the mess.

For more info about the inner workings of LMR, just click About anytime. ;-)

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Boom, several hundred components were either added or updated. Sorry about the 70-ish extra pages in Unread Posts. After this it's back to a max of 15 components per vendor per day. Just for the sake of redundancy, here's that link again: Mark all Components as read

I have to say, I was starting to get annoyed, but the above now makes sense, and I'm pleased there are ways "around" it.

We re aware of this effect. Back from the days when we first introduced this feature. This is why we are making thi announcement and instructions.

Feel free to join the think tank. All suggestions are welcome. ALABTU.

"However, the import has been broken for the past few months..."

And nobody told me it was borked :)

I'll likely be running the big import tomorrow night (Tuesday, probably after 9pm my time, which is PST (which is GMT-8)).

I'll also take this opportunity to remind everyone that in addition to the "Mark all Components as read" link, there is also an extra tab on the Unread page called "Unread posts (automated components hidden)". While the mark as read link truly marks _all_ components (including the ones manually added by non-vendor members) as having been seen, the auto-components-hidden tab will still show unread user components and only hide the ones that are batch imported from vendor sites.