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The "Lassiter" laser LIDAR Ranging Gadget (Wiimote/Propeller)

Introducing the "Lassiter" , an inexpensive laser LIDAR Ranging Gadget (Wiimote/Propeller based)

I have been troubled for a while Re:- Laser experiment It required a Bluetoth connection to a pc for it to work.....

..... now i have removed this "MiddleMan", all can be done with a simple parallax propeller system ....YaY

What you see here is my first successful setup :-

  1. Propeller easyProp board
  2. Hacked Wiimote camera mounted on servo
  3. 6 holes along the white Depron you can see a Laser
  4. Behind you see the lassiters composite video screen

The laser faces forward, hits the object and bounces back to the Wii Camera.

When and object is placed in front of the laser the reflected laser light hits the Wiimote, the closer the object the more to the right the dot on the display goes.

Why does this happen :- in a nut shell the laser and Wii-camera are set at an angle to converge with each other.

Even in this mode its possible to measure distance (so far 2meters max) - plan it to use it as navigation aid.

I was bogged down with converting a number to a string (as my memory was almost used up) so CTC poked me in this direction :-  "Numbers.obj" This won the day for me and i could display variables to screen.

The accuracy appears to be 0.5 mm steps ...... uncalibrated  ......



 The "FireFly"  - "Trash" episode inspired me to call it the "Lassiter" .............whether i go for the whole look is still a mystery to me.

(however if you want one then order now not to be disappointed)

Makes me wonder just exactly what the handle is made from.

Still long way to go ..... the videos show the InfraRed proof of concept part of project - and how i hacked the Wii-Mote

Quote from mal :-  "Yip..... That went well"

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Can you share this code? I understand you are taking the known distance between the laser and wii cam and the known angle the laser is pointing at but how do you use the blob position to complete the calculation of distance?



I want to see code.

Walter will drive with light now,

EZ-Ones aren't good.



Video 5 Added .....now very close to working system.

What you see is the build up of the laser Wii-mote picture (video above)

These are Not the polar coordinates (i ran out of memory, so more haircutting of the routines), however it already shows workable results.

Sensitivity and Range Testing Update made.

The angle of the laser to the Wii-mote dictates the range.

Tested 0.5 - 3.5 meters   and then angle change < 1meter.

Cool thing is it will detect a thin BBQ skewer and also track distance by tracking off the floor.

Which? Where? Did I miss something...  Are you going to go InfraRed?  I saw 650 nm.  Future DVD Laser?  

Was the I2C easy? Just download the Object and specify any pin(s) ?

No worries its Lasers all the way -  the IR was just to set up the screen.........

...... Blue/purple 5mw laser is still in transit.......

Yes I2C was like taking the dog for a walk - not even a blink of an eyelid .... dead easy

No mods or extra circuitry to the Wii camera ....... direct connect.......YaY

using the "wiicamera.obj" ..... simple as this :-

wii.Start(scl,clk,reset)     ' Start the wiicamera object with datapin,clockpin,resetpin
wii.initcam(mode,@inio)    ' inio  set up the I2C string to send to the wii (inio is the most sensitive of 9 configs supplied)

inio                   byte       $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$90,$00,$41,$40,$00,$00   ' Suggested by inio

then to call out your blobs:-

wii.getblobs (@out)

wii.getx(@out,mode,1)   ' get x coord of blob 1 for example

wii.gety(@out,mode,2)   ' get y coord of blob 2 for example



I say yea, brother.

And I'll preorder one right now :)

Yes indeed mal>solo

I was thinking along these lines "Soldestroyer"