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Selling my ER1 hardware

Hi guys, I decided to sell my ER1 hardware, preferably as a whole and not part by part. This is the ER1 pack ($150):

  • RCM - working properly
  • Steppers + wheels - working properly
  • Charger - working, but no transformer, as it burned out. I was using a 14V 5A wall wart from a drill.
  • hardware pieces, some were cut to make a different chassis, the plastic things are worn
  • no camera (the original broke at transportation, the pictured Lego cam I don`t want to sell)
  • larger battery case, holds a 12V 7Ah SLA battery, has extra plugs
  • USB cable, power cables

I am also offering the Motherboard pack ($150):

  • Via Epia 800 MHz mini ITX motherboard
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1GB Compact Flash card with adapter
  • 12V DC-DC ATX power adapter
  • miniATA HDD with adapter
  • USB2.0 PCI board
  • plastic clear case (if you want it)


I am willing to sell the ER1 pack and the Motherboard pack separate.

Here are some pictures of the robot:

Make me an offer if you`re interested (PM)!