Let's Make Robots!


Big thanks to fritz. I had a robot that was a bit autistic for awhile but I've learned so much I'm about ready to advance to a larger project. I can't thanks fritz enough for the big jump start on this. His teaching methods are super.


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Nice work :D
Pretty slick, looks like it avoids well! Good to see!

He does pretty well I still want to play a few number games to get him to avoid in closer quarters.

 I'd love to add a peice of script that will allow it to play a random prerecorded message when it comes to an obstacle. I havent done any research on such a component yet though. Does anyone have any suggestions of something I could hook up to the pic-axe to do that?!

Fritsl YDM robot has a little audio recorder on it to sample the beats it generates. You might be able to wire up your own like it using the ISD Chipcorder modules http://www.nuvoton-usa.com/en/content/view/36/
I'll look into that. Big thanks!