Let's Make Robots!


Navigate via IR, change direction

TYVM LMR for the great Instructions and content. I am looking forward to my next project =) 

First step into robotics with Fristsl PICAXE bot. Basic chassis complete (tamiya track & wheel set/universal plates/dual motor gear box, Sharp IR, PICAxe28X1, a servo). 

























Had to redesign when I had everything ready to assemble. Hopin for the cute WALL-E style, but cheesed out in the end.


 Oh yeah, Smokes, RedBull, and a soldering iron =) doesn't get much better.




















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I love the way it seems to move really quickly and think very slowly.


The battery pack is a great idea. I will look at my local shop to see if they have it.


~BTW, upon review, i believe my choice of MC Crhis -Fetts Vette may not have been appropriate for younger audience members. I will rework the vid with something else this evening. Sorry if anyone was offended.

You would have to cut down the plates but thats no big deal and the bits you cut off can still be very usefull. Get a battery pack that holds the four "AA" batteries in a square pattern rather than a flat pack and mount it below with the motor. Having the weight down low will be more stable. Less likely to tip over.



Nice initial setup. What are you using for the frame, it looks to have some nice potential.

The chassis consists of 1x Tamiya Universal Plate Set (TAM70157): http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1734

1x Tamiya Dual Gear Box (TAM70097)

1x Tamiya Track & Wheel Set (TAM70100)

and a couple 1.75" spacers.


Ordered the Servo, Sharp sensor, L293D chip today. Gonna be a couple weeks for delivery though =(