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Hello! I'm a student from China.I'd like to know how your Robot keep Balancing?Do you know the thiory of kalman filter?   if you know that, I hope  you can tell me . thank you(my english isn't very good)

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It has a third wheel (not shown in the foto), so it needs no balance keeping. LMR user Nicola has succesfully build a self-balancing robot. Information about Kalman filters can be found in his blog. So you better ask him.


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Super idea for Chassis - light - strong - lots of pre made fixing holes - love it.

I am a great fan of recycling thats why i still have all my crashed drives - now i can revive them.......

I take my hat off - and admire your choice to go "Native Electronic".

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Thanks Gareth. Yes, you can find a lot of useful parts in it, some very strong magnets for example. 

That will bring me to the idea for a new challenge. Build a real Junk-Bot just made of reusing parts. What do you think? 

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Yes i am always happy when i can fit in re-cycled parts - somehow its a bit like transfer-ing a bit of "Soul" from the old bit into a new construction continuing its life Thread.

 Blinking Heck - yes the Magnets out of the Hard drives are mega strong - i have a box that i put them in, which i keep in the cellar just to stop them messing up the Flux in my Office.....eeeee

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Hi folks,

thanks for your replies. I added a truth table to the article to demystify the logic control. It is the same principle then for other robots without a microcontroller brain. 2 sensors outputs are converted to digital logic values (for example 0 meens black, 1 means white) and control the motor drivers directly. I just added some more logic to swap the sensors (left sensor to right motor a vice versa) and to independently invert the sensor output (with dip switches and inverter gates).

Thats all :)   

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I could not make this if I had a million years! :)

All electronics, no brains.. It is like making a fish sing or a candle to burn without light or something :D

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There is a electronics guru, Steve Ciarcia of Circuit Cellar, who says, "My favoriate programming language is solder."

Or something like that, anyway.

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This is pretty interesting, getting a robot to follow without "programming". Looks like a very simple, well thought out circuit. I've seen another like it called "2-Tran" I think, that had a couple sensors, and 2 drive transistors.

I like your chassis too, looks pretty sturdy. Pretty good idea to use the HD case, it's fun to see different things remade into robots.