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First quadrapod

Sort of walks on 4 legs


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My wife was looking through some video tapes, searching for something as irelevant as our wedding! To my happy surprise she found an old robot project of mine, my first QuadraPod!

Not much to say, 8 servos, sticks, testing & fun :) Made before LMR existed.

As I remember it was tuned to walk pretty OK, however it was always sot of dragging the legs, due to the way it was constructed.

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Great robot ! I am just planning (dreaming) to build 4-5 leg spider, this is a very good reference.


This old post might interest you then: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24

Very clever ! It shall be useful when build robot when many legs.
man thats good !

ok one thing i realised in its quadraped not quadrapod. but then its read like... ah
very very cool robot. thats pretty awsome i would expect there to be an update with a turret atatched to it maybe?

very good robot! =)

quadraped.. no not really quadropod then? No! Well.. as I wrote it then: Quadrapod! Yes!


a paint gun turret!

Hey Frits!  Great bot!, And as always the omnipresent paint sticks !  So what do you do when you want to paint something?  And, were there bots at the wedding?  Otherwise, why would she want to find it?

my robots
my garden

Whenever I go to the shops I grab some extra sticks. Have so many now, I consider start using them for heating purpose.

Regarding the wedding; The bot may possibly have overwritten it. That's what she claims anyway.