Let's Make Robots!

First quadrapod

Sort of walks on 4 legs


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My wife was looking through some video tapes, searching for something as irelevant as our wedding! To my happy surprise she found an old robot project of mine, my first QuadraPod!

Not much to say, 8 servos, sticks, testing & fun :) Made before LMR existed.

As I remember it was tuned to walk pretty OK, however it was always sot of dragging the legs, due to the way it was constructed.

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Got me think Gator or something like that. I gotta try a legbot of some sort sometime.

Go for 6 legs, it is much, much easier; Rest on 3, lift 3, move, set down, move the other..

On 4, you have to balance, it sucks ;) 

Fritsl, You never cease to amaze me with the creative uses of even the simplest object to create something appearing rather complex.

Very inspirational.

 And you say you're not a techie....bah. lies I tell you...   :)