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potmeter / adjustable resistor : linear or logarithmic?

How do I find out if I'm buying a linear pot here?


It's called "Einstellregler PT 15 LH, stehend" or adjustable potentiometer, standing. The datenblatt is not very revealing, to me anyway. Is there a secret shade of black that codes for logarithmic or something?

Oh, by the way, now that I'm linking to the german mother-site for this shop, I find that the list page does mention "LIN" in the name of these. All of them. My dutch version website does not 8-( .


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The format of the part number on these pots is PT-15rmnnxxxatttt and then maybe another 14 characters.

The "r" is the rotor adjustment. Don't worry about that. The "mnn" is the mount type (horizontal, vertical, all that). The "xxx" is the value and the "a" is the taper (A=linear, B=logarithmic, C= something else).

My German is not good, but I think the data sheet you linked is a generic one. Possibly made by the reseller rather than the manufacturer.



...they make the damn things!
I could've googled that of course. But I were wondering if there was some sort of global convention/conspiracy that would reveal the "taper" in case your stupid reseller neglects to mention it. Guess there's no spiracy, or you are in on it.
LIN is the global convention. The part number thingy is specific to Piher.