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Do anyone recommend a good place to buy servos.  I was thinking more on the line for biped.  I was looking at lynxmotion but wasn't sure if there might be some other places.  If I could buy bracket from them to fit over servos from some other places that would be great.  Just looking for something small to start out.  Thought about getting one of their BRAT.  Still seem high, so not sure if I could maybe prehaps make something like it but cheaper.  Thanks, I love this site its the best I have ever came across.

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A few days ago I got 4 baby servos from Hobby City / Hobby King for less than $20 total. Cute little blue things that are about 1/8th of a standard size servo. It took about 9 days to get here from Hong Kong, and I felt their service was awesome. They have quite a number of other servos too. One other retail joint that's here in the US, is ServoCity, good selsection of interesting robot parts there. And as BOA said, Ebay.

Despite having once bought a pair of absolutely rubbish MG995s on eBay, I have never bought servos anywhere else. The R/C hobby servos are inexpensive and good enough. I've also bought mini servos and been very pleased.

Shop around and buy the cheapest ones you can find. That way, you don't feel so bad about giving them a right good thrashing!! You should be able to get a batch of 4 for under $20.

The servos you've been looking at are spectacularly expensive. They are specialis robotics ones. Some have opposing sets of bearings, I2C drives built in... REAL roboticists do all that stuff themselves with scrap from their garden sheds.

thanks, yea I will just try different ones out and see what works best for me then.  If it cheap it won't be to much of a waste :D.