Let's Make Robots!


LMR on an oscilloscope.

I used Chris Meighan's ScopeShapes program to drive my oscilloscope from my PC sound card.

The program was loaded with a DXF file created by Armin Müller's eleFont program.

This was a fun day!

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 wow! let's make an oscilloscope-based LMR game! :-)

I just realized how easy it is to make that object "spin" around its "vertical axis". All you do is turn the X-axis amplitude way up, then down again, then inverse it, then back to zero and way up again, and again.

And again. sigh. kiss


I'm surprised I didn't say that that's not how I did it. The animation was all contained inteh DXF file. This was completely hands-off!

woooa that's incredible :P

Is my credibility at stake, here?