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Using 2 optical sensors from mouse

Hello. Not so long ago I readed that someone have dedected speed with one sensor from computer mouse, then I though it would be possible to use 2 of those optical sensors, they both would be bottom, one front and one back. With nice coding it would be possible to read robot rotation and speed without need of gyroscope and such.

Is that possible?

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Yeah it's true the ones with LED doesn't work well if they are higher than they are supposed to be. Guess the mechanical is best for now.

Crazy idea, but if you could focus the light and lens on LED mouse, it may work very well. But just too much.



If you are talking about the other optical mice, with the little red LEDs shining beneath, there is some limited functionality to be had trying to use these. Most optical mice of this type will probably have one of the Avago (formerly Agilent) ADNx (5000 and under) series sensors. Differeing types have differning specs, but some output a SPI or even dual quadrature signal to be read by whatever micro you attach. There are a number of downsides to these, in that they usually have a max speed of about a foot per second, must maintain careful spacing to the surface they are reading, and some surfaces can trip them up pretty easily. So if you are running a slow robot, on a very flat, optically "shadowy" surface, these can work out well.

Essentially, the mechanics of ball mouse sensors can work out better for getting odometry readings than optical mice, because of the probably wide types of surface you may want to run a robot on. 

Not sure how well laser mice sensors might work though.

That's the short answer. AND it would be hugely accurate.

The biggest problem (for me) is the mechanical linkage.

Here's the LMR component page.

Here's an partial example of the theory.