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32MByte SDRAM Propeller Platform Module

Vendor's Description: 

Add 32 Mbytes of SDRAM to your Propeller project with the SDRAM module, the ultimate memory expansion for the Propeller Platform.

* 32 MBytes SDR SDRAM for amazing projects
* 4.6 MByte / Second Throughput
* Low current draw (< 100mA)
* TV + Audio connectors for video & sound output
* microSD card slot on P16..P19 allows SDRAM to use P0..P15 for the fastest possible access.

Using it
Because SDRAM works significantly faster on Pins 00..14, peripherals that are commonly connected to P0..P14 have been connected to other pins. This requires some minor adjustments;

SD Card
The SD card is connected to P16..P19. If you're using fsrw, you can mount SD & SDHC cards with start(16) or start_explicit(16,17,18,19)

The video DAC is connected to P20..P22. Changing the pin assignment depends on the TV object your using, but if you're using TV.spin (which came with the Propeller Tool download), you'll change;

to this;

Adjusting audio is usually very straightforward. The Propeller Demoboard & ProtoPlus use P11 for audio output, you'll need to change that to P23.

Download the the object & BST. The SDRAMCache object makes using SDRAM simple, here's a walkthrough video.