Let's Make Robots!

Woo Hoo! New Tattoo!

Performance, Feedback, Revision.



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I have many a Punk/Hippie friend with a bar code on the neck...

The font was actually suggested by the artist herself. It came from a "book" "made" from zeroxes of zeroxes of zeroxes of zeroxes of mimeographs. I use the term "book" loosly as was the binding of the "book". At any rate, I was drawn directly to the font --Simple and clear with a tiny bit of swoopyness. It is now about 6 hours later and I gotta say I am really sore right now. Worth it though, a good mantra that, by design, will solve any problem. Not to mention perfect placement. Right above a tee shirt, well covered with a button-up. Exactly what I wanted.


Where's the bar-code?

Neato Chris ... you will accumulate extra super human powers now each time you recite the "PFR" Mantra.

Which Font did you go for in the end ?