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What was this...UFO?

Yeah, totally off topic. After that topic about alien code something pop up from my mind. Years ago I was on my way back Taiwan from Canada on pacific ocean. I saw one of this thingy from my plane:

The image was captured from someone upload on youtube and it's the most similar object close to what I seen. The object is about 2~3 block away from me above pacific ocean so I am pretty sure it wasn't something like balloon or kite. It was formed like "black fabric" floating in the air and waving like fish. I am not really believe such thing before I saw it in person. Still now I believe there's always an explanation behind any myst.

Have you seen something like that?

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They make various types - for protecting against frost, to go under mulch to keep things from growing, for wind screens on fencing and some other specialized stuff. My first guess would be the frost protection type of cloth, which is also used to shade plants sometimes (so it is used throughout the year). It is really light so it won't crush plants and it often gets blow away if not secured well. I have seen it rise almost out of sight when caught by just the right/wrong wind.