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Walter Needs a Mouth

We did this once with walter's old "eyes", now another round of brainstorming with his "mouth".

Walter needs a mouth. In the past I have used the "picaxe sound detector circuit"  modified a bit, going to a few blue LEDs. As a track was played (assume the track is speech) the leds would blink and change intensity according to the audio levels. This was ok, I guess... I think I might want to go to a "led bar-graph chip" with say, 8 to 10 segments. As he speaks, the bars could be lit --from the center -->out and with more bars showing as audio levels increase. I dunno.

Has anyone played with any "audio display" chips? EQ's and the like? I know there are some drivers out there that will probably do exactly what I want to do, I just have never played with them.


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Thank you everybody for all your conversation and suggestions. I have to admit, I had the bar-graph idea in my head going into this, and I really just needed to know what driver chip to use but in the end, you guys came through in spades.

I actually brainstormed on that latex-freak-of-nature mouth for a while.... Yeah... no.

The rest of everything was great!

I have parts on the way --should have the results of my efforts soon.

How does this looks?

Like the kitt voicebox as Rudolph says.

I already know how i will wire it up, will need 5 transisters because 6 leds on 1 pin will be too much. The center 4 leds does'nt need a transister as 2 leds on 1 pin in series will work fine.

Lower half of the pcb will be cut off.

I found this was going to work for me. I thought you might be interested...


I remember seeing one done with a mouth driven by a servo.



Talkie Walkie by Guibot.

I was looking for that one. You beat me to it :P


One version of the thing ezekiel posted, based off the Tengu, using a little AVR instead of an audio display chip.

Personally I'd go with a LM3914 wired up to look like K.I.T.T. :)

Chris if you are chasing idea's, this is how not to do it..


wtf? thats weird..

There are a few Arduino VU-meter projects out there. I was thinking of adapting the code to use it with a Tiny chip that has analog pins to read the "speech", enough digital pins to drive the LEDs and supports TWI so I can command it to do other cool effects like cylon eye for example. I wired on a perf board a Tiny861 but did not finish up the code for it. So MiniEric still has no working mouth, even though the LEDs are there. I would need to play with the scope to see how the speech signal sent to the amp looks like and tweak the code on a regular Arduino chip, then install the Tiny core files and the TWI Slave library and make it work already. If I only had time for everything I want to do...