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Now that the Phoenix CNC works good enough to do some real work, I have finally started working on a new project: 

YATB - Yet Another Traked Bot - at least until I find a better name for it

I will try to document it's building saga here, before creating a robot page for it. 

So without further intro:

Phase one: Tracks

First I have done some Blender designing, I came to design something roghly as below:
















Yup classic tank design to start with, one motorized wheel, one idler, 4 idlers on spring suspensions. 

Next I had to flatten the parts and arrange them in a way I can export them to DXF for further processing:












Then I have imported the DXF into Caduntu (free QCad clone) because the DXF export of Blender seems to be kind of broken and it cannot be safely opened in other software, fixed the alignment then saved again. 

After that I had to do a lot of trickery to get the file in Heekscad to create the toolpathes for milling. I must say that while Heekscad and the Heekscnc plugin are great work, man it is so damn unstable :( Things that used to work fine now crash ... I guess the guys are pushing development too fast ... Anyway I managed to create the toolpath after a lot of waisted time.

No picture, I was to busy crashing all the time sorry.

Finally I did a test cut: 


From Phoenix

And the above came out :)

There is more coming, I've been cutting 4-5 hours Saturday and another round yesterday, al lot of small pieces to do still. 

Will update, stay tuned.

Phase 2: Gearbox

Built the first gearbox, it works yeah!

Not perfect by any means but definetly usable.



From Phoenix


From Phoenix

And video of it turning on 3V below.


Phase 3: I got a half of ... tank like something

Final gearbox assembly

From Phoenix

Front closeup:


From Phoenix

And the mandatory video below :)



Videos below:



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The really oils a builders heart B)

Man you are so cool!

Eventually I want to make a CNC. I can do the electronics without any problems. I might need your help sorting out the software.


You got it :)

OMG! You're awesome dude!

I should get myself off my butt and start making the quad parts on the CNC... But I'm afraid I'll have to work on the machine first, as I got it inside and the wood shrunk and it has some play on Y and Z axles. I plan on cutting acrylic but I think I'll have problems with it. I had the parts drawn in Acad but when I generated the tool paths I could not select which ones to be just engraved and which ones to be cut completely. So I have to re-draw continuous plines for the contour and separate the engraving paths. Mean while i started the servo brackets, did one, 4 more to go. Something will be done today.

Keep it up, can't wait to see the tracks rolling!

... I'll finish cutting the parts for one track this evening ... the rest will be done little by little.

The end mill is giving signs of bluntig already ... so I will probably have to halt production untill I get a new one. 

I'll update :)

If I am asking you nicelly will you register me as a client :) ?

... you got mail :)

Just awesome!!!