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Google Maps scares me!

So I put my city, state, and country into my profile so my square would show where I live. I purposely left my address blank. Google shows my square about 2 blocks from my real address without be giving them my address! Big brother is watching! RUN! AHHHHHHH




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Well, no-one need have known that, except now you've told us.

2 blocks radius, you say?

Yup start knocking on doors. On another note I'm getting ready to go on a month long trip around the world... (not really, but maybe I'll stock up on ammo.)

Maybe your appartment will be occupied by me when you get back.


Is Australia in the Eastern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere?

East OR South = true

East XOR South = false

East AND South = true

East XAND South = error, ask an artist!

It depends on the current rotation of the earth and how many African Swallows it takes to carry a coconut.
The user map apparently thinks I live under an overpass.