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IPTUPED (I pick things up, put em' down): Robotic Arm

Pick things up...and put them down(eventually)

Simple Robotic arm still working on claw/gripper/hand.

Any suggestions on a control method would be aprrectiated. I was thinking remote control however would cost me about $50. Or...using and old PS2 controller however i dont know how to do that. ):

Check out video updates will be coming soon. Thanks


Gripper added. Made out of legos. More info to come. Servos seem a little weak. (HS-311)

Would ading a second servo on the opposite side of the base work? Theoretically wouldnt it double the torque? Would it work?

I dont have time right now be back with more soon.









Last Update for this project.

I am currently working on IPTUPED version 2.Just waiting on more parts, then it will be posted.

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Best cheap remote would be to hack a wii nunchuck. Easy to do for arduino, fun and impressive. Search google or LMR there is lots of code and examples/

i have seen that adafruit (i think) they sell 'generic' style wiimote nunchucks and also breakout boards to make them easier to wire up. but since you have a few servos you may want more than one 'joystick'

Ok thanks i will look into that.

What material is that made of? Good kiss robot.

It is called HDPE or High Density Polyethylene. It is a type of plastic. Works pretty well although i am debating maybe using wood for the base because it would be heavier and sturdier as well as maybe a light wood for the arms. This stuff is kinda light but ill see how it goes.

ok thanks

No Problem mlandergan. Btw...its pretty cheap and you can find it online in different sizes, thicknessess, etc.

The planet fitness comercails?

Yes...i hope thats not copywriting or anything. lol


If you will be happy with wired controll you can use regular gamepad.

Inside are four potentiometers controlled by two joysticks (blue knobs).

It requires to change the cable but you can connect them directly to ADC inputs of Picaxe.

Your arm has 4 servos, so it will fit your needs.