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EyeClops Hack?

I bought an EyeClops at yard sale for $3 the other day.  It's a toy that kids can use to "see" in the dark using infrared.  I pulled the electronics out of it. It has two rings of IR LEDs and a camera that connect to a 5 AA battery pack. The camera connects to a small video display that  used to be positioned infront of your eye. Has anyone tried to hack this and use the parts for a robot? Gotta be some way to make use of the camera.


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Not sure about the version you have, but I picked up a cheap 'EyeClops' unit that plugs into a TV, using either a PAL or NTSC analog output.

If you want to tap into the video stream you'll need to find some data on what pinout and protocol are being used. Either that or do some reverse engineering, which might not be so bad since it doesn't look like there are that many connections between the camera and screen units.