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Programing the picaxe

I was thinking about programing the picaxe and being able to power it out the usb port with a micro usb adapter like this for uploading programs with out changing how you upload the program from the computer:

because 23 dollars is not cheap for a programing cable total cost for this is around 10 dollars with the cord, adapter, and reisters.

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The item you show above is simply a usb break-out board only. This will not work to program your picaxe.

Conecting it using this diagram


The reason the cable is $23 is because it is a USB to Serial converter. What you have will not work becuase it is not serial. There are some cheaper converters out there.

The USB speaks USB and your Picaxe speaks serial. You need a translator or a USB to serial converter. A FTDI chip is one example and it, or something similar is inside the picaxe USB cable. In addition, the signal is also inverted within the picaxe cable as picaxe uses inverted serial com. There is stuff inside a $23 sync cable that makes it work. It is also the reason it costs 23 bucks.