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Cerverus v3

Ultrason Navigation using SRF05
sketch_v3.pde4.93 KB

My third robot I have ever built. He did origionally have a pan head using a Spektrum DS821 Servo, but as I have found that I can get better results from using 2 x SRF05's in CrossFire mode, im going to go back to that method for the object avoidance and use the servo for a camera or something along that lines Im thinking. 26/02/2011 - Got the new DFRobot Sensor mounting plate through the post, a bargain I must say. <P>A few more pictures are below. <P>


http://www.storage.saveitwith.us/HomeDirectories/Dan/Cerberus%20v3/IMAG0202.jpg </BR>



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Evening, small update....

I have uploaded the latest sketch I am using with the bot, just for anybody who fancies a look. During last week I made a new sensor housing with some Perspex and a heat bender, both SRF's are mounted at exactly 30* now, which due to experimentation I have found to be the optimal angle of attack.

I'm also uploading a new default image and also a new video of the robot in action. Not quite sure what YouTube has done to the quality of the video though....?


As always any comments welcome guys.

Thanks, I put the batteries in about a week ago now and I have been messing with the programming every night since with test runs every half hour or so for a good 5 mins per run so they seem to last well. The arduino runs from a PP3, as does the servo, the motors run from the 6 x AA's

Looks good!

How much runtime do you get from 6xAA?