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Understanding the Basic Electronic Components

So I understand AVR assembly for the most part, and generally understand the overview of microcontrollers. but when it comes to specific components (besides the obvious stuff like resistors/batterys) I dont understand what they do....and more specifically WHEN to use them?

Stuff like Capacitors,Regulators,Inductors,Crystals,Etc


Where can I find a generally overview of When and what these components do? to further my knowledge. I can of course wikipedia the definitions....but I more want to know when I should use these specific things, and what to use...



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Although its focus is on BEAM, this site has some general application info for roboticists from capacitors to octal buffers.

I also recommend allaboutcircuits.com. It covers everything, albeit in a textbook sort of format. 

I found these helpful.


Oh wow videos! that'll be super helpful.