Let's Make Robots!

Fritsl first robot creation

Chasis completed. it was constructed from a low weight holow plastic from my pool deck fence its very lightweight and strong at the same time  new video up!!! 

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Think I've seen a robot body made out of a red plastic coffee container. And out if a green plastic pumpkin candy container. And out of a disposable sandwich container. And a metal candy tin. And a bicycle helmet. And salad bowls,
you make a good point, the materials you use to create your body are virtually limitless
PVC tube! Perfect roboteer material!
I like the new chasis ! Very nice. ...is that ducktape on your wires =)
yes it is duct tape couldnt find my electrical tape =\ but the new chasis is very nice light weight and very strong

Cool! :D

Funny video, you get to see peoples homes from alternative perspecites :)

You want to discover heat shrinking plastic tubes for your wires. I was using tape like you, problem is that it "Get's old" - that heat shrinking stuff will make your day, I only whish somebody told me!