Let's Make Robots!

Fritsl first robot creation

Chasis completed. it was constructed from a low weight holow plastic from my pool deck fence its very lightweight and strong at the same time  new video up!!! 

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Way to go, looks pretty cool.

Its a bit confusing at first but once you understand the script it's as bright as day. I recommend reading the PICAXE manuals eventually. Theyre not so bad a read.

 I'm assuming you have wired your sonar based on the tutorial for wiring the SRF05 to the PICAXE 28 chip?

 All that you will need to change to start in Fritsl's script is  the variables for

symbol trig = 3 ‘ Define output pin for Trigger pulse
symbol echo = 6 ‘ Define input pin for Echo pulse

Towards the top of fritl's script in all the variables you'll see the trig and echo variables. They have different #s to them I think its like 0 and 4. Just change the variables to 3 and 6. 

wich way is down? towards reset button or away?


The edge closest to the reset button is 0.
experiment, keep changing ports lower and lower, until you get a signal



EDIT: Keep changing the trig until your Picaxe reads it

EDIT#2: check the hot to connect SRF05 to Picaxe, the code there should do it no?

You  may go one port down from the Direct Digital output (blue wire in his schematic) but you have to change the begining of the code where you define the input/output