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RoMeo Rover

roams around avoids objects
objectaviod_PING.pde4.84 KB

here is a pic of my robot, it's based on a DF Robot RoMeo board with a parallax PING ))) sensor.
basically it just cruises around and when the ping picks up an object it turns right.

RoMeo Rover now has a set of encoders and a servo for the ping, I haven't updated the code for these changes yet.


update code.

bump switch.

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Looks pretty cool. Could you perhaps post a video and some more information? I'd like to see more of this bot!

same here


just give me a couple of days, as atm i've only got my iphone for videos.

Problably a very expensive robot, those 2WD DFrobot robotplatforms aren't cheap. And the RoMeo is also not the cheapest option.

Anyway, it looks pretty cool. And it will also be pretty good for beginners.

the 2wd platform was about $70.00 alone, but I reckon it's going to be a good development platform.

This is pretty nice 2WD bot! Collected.