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My 4WD rocker-bogie suspension rover

roams around on rough terrain and avoids objects
My_4WD_rocker-bogie_suspension_rover.zip1.69 MB

Not much to say, I am building another robot with a rocker-bogie suspension similar like the Mars rover Sojourner has.

As two wheel alignment servos always moving simultaneously, they can be controlled by one output via inverters:




Started to program my rover and came up with following idea for obstacle avoidance:

The Sharp IR will be moved by a servo to 11 positions. On every position the distance will be measured and stored in a word variable. If one of measured distances exceeds a given level, the rover will turn on the spot to the opposite side to avoid the obstacle. If none of the 11 distances exceeds a given level, the ∑ of w0 to w4 and the ∑ of w6 to w10 will be built. Then it will be evaluated if the ∑ of w0 to w4 > ∑ of w6 to w10 or ∑ of w0 to w4 < ∑ of w6 to w10 and the according positive difference calculated. If the difference exceeds not a defined value, the rover moves forward. If the difference exceeds a defined value the rover also starts a obstacle avoidance by turning on the spot away from the according side.


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I am so exciting to see it in action!! What a cool little guy~ Looking forward to see more of it~~

"Do the Hokey Pokey".

You might want to consider bigger wheels.

Very nice approach to the obstacle avoidance. I might redo mine now that I've read your idea.

Cool. Be sure to make a new video and show how it works :)

Speaking of videos, when are we going to see this beast in action, Markus?  ; j

Programmed a show case (showing the diffrent moving functions) and obstacle avoidance mode already the last 2 nights. Yesterday it climbed over a 8cm high obstacle (hot chocolate box). Unfortunately I need to work tomorrow (Saturday, damn it), so I'll try to shot a video on Sunday :)

You mentioned in the Shout Box that you were thinking of building a 3 wheel rocker bogie. Do you mean that the entire vehicle will have three wheels, or that each bogie will have three wheels?

I mean that the entire vehicle will have three wheels, but it's just an idea...

Looking forward to seeing how that obstacle avoidance will work! (Have subscribed :)