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Keep yourself safe from angry components

Saves your fingers from nasty burns

When you are using components that are new to you, or you don´t really know how to wire, if you plug them into your circuit first thing to do:

DON¨T TOUCH THAT COMPONENT!!  Touch it with a plastic bag!

Sounds stupid? Believe me, its not! Doing this saved me from burning my finger with a zener diode yesterday, well, saved me the second time as the first one, I didn´t do this...

Remmember! Plastic bags can save you from angry components!!

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Keep yourself safe from an angry wife!

Do not upset the family budget by smoking components (or any other illegal drugs :-)
Read the data sheet or ask for help from you friendly neibourhood LMR member!

You can also use an insulated tool, such as plier or a small screwdriver with a plastic or rubber coated handle to move components.