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Multimeter (how much should I spend)

When it comes to small electronics (like the ones presented here) what should I be looking to spend for a digital multimeter?

Does brand matter? ...Also some of them have ranges? Im not sure I understand what that means. like a 15 range......39 range etc...?

What range should I look for minimum?



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David Cook a great multimeter review on choosing multimeters  here http://robotroom.com/Multimeter-Reviews.html

Wow, that is a great review. The Robot Room is a very good site; I have learned a lot there early on, but I missed this article.

Thanks for posting!

If you want something that will last you for a while, and would be willing to spend a little bit extra, the Equus 3320 looks like a pretty good deal on Amazon.com. While it may not be as feature rich as some meters, it'll cost you about five to ten times less than a Fluke which will do the exact same thing :). And, if you end up not wanting to upgrade, it'll still last you at least three or four years.

-EDIT- Messed up the Amazon link, fixed now...

It looks like a very cheap autoranging meter which is a great feature for beginners and in general.  I don't think it has comparable input impedance to a Fluke though :)

Sorry, Sorry i've been all over the place the past weeks. But basically i'd be using it for small electronics up to doing some small stuff with Arduino.

Just buy a cheap one for now. Any basic one will cover you for small electronics. If you outgrow it, you can always upgrade.

Im not sure I understand what the "ranges" mean. AKA 29 range......etc

If you dont understand what the ranges mean, I suggest you buy a simple one for about $10 - $15. Even if it only measures voltage and resistance (Ohms) you'll be fine. Once you figure out how to use it, you will have a better idea of the features that other multimeters have that you might want. Until that time, the most simple meter will do fine.

Save your money for when you know what you need.

pls how much does a multimeter cost?

and as a beginner who does not know anything about electricals what should i do?


Both of your questions are already answered in the previous comments.