Let's Make Robots!

Mr.Lassiter - Mr.Prop - Mr.Lazer - Mr.LiiDar - Mr.Risc- who knows

Having built the Lassiter i wanted to make it mobile so that it could go for a spin..........(with a spin)

Being resourceful i raided the chassis off my Mr.Tidy (sorry OddBot but it has to be Hacked sooner or later)

I choose the Mr.Tidy Chassis because of its "on the spot" turning ability on most surfaces (yes even carpet) because the omni wheels are amazing when using skid turning - and not to mention there are wheel encoders as standard.

Sooo....... Wots He Got

  1. Parallax Propeller chip  8 core multitasking risc processor
  2. Hacked WiiMote - camera removed and i2c interrogated to extract 4 blobs of light with XY coords
  3. Lassiter enabled LIDAR system - inc. 5mw Laser (please wear eye protection when using lasers)
  4. Colour Display screen - used for displaying data .....in graphical form
  5. Compass module .... so data can be logged with direction tags
  6. 2xPwm L293D motor drivers

Laser/lazer Left ........... Wiimote right -                note the uncalibrated angle of the blue motor heat-sink.


Here you see my "Calibration Beam" ...... a wooden rod that slides through a hacked wine cork.(note the hotglue skills)


When pushing the L293D motor driver its advisable to add a heat-sink ....i am testing here some ram-cooler vanes.


Compass module sits on a 10cm pole away from motor magnets. (this tip i learnt from patrickmccabe&CTC)


Laser in action

To keep LMR in Tension i will delay the results until either.

  1. I squash the coding a little more (everything fits in ...all the important object files inc. motor routines) - however little room for my control proggy.
  2. Some kind firm like parallax sends me something like a PropStick USB (cos Franky i am embarrassed by the size of my easyprop board perched aloft like the towers of Babylon) EDIT:- to late gareth ordered one already.......If i could have ordered it yesterday already then i would have.........

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Sometimes I run out of memory when doing something with the TV.  One suggestion is to use BST.  The Propeller Tool will compile all code, even methods that never get called.  BST has an option to not include methods your program doesn't call, useful when using pre-made objects.

Another space saver is just using the TV terminal object, that's much smaller than graphics.


Ahh at last a more intuitive worktool - I just tried it and was impressed ...... so will migrate over to it (the autosave and achive are big pluses).

BST Seems to give a little more info with regards to memory usage to ...(with cool memory summary during upload so at least you can see when your running low)...... though the upload is so fast that a blink of an eye would miss it), only thing i miss is the ability to move and rename files in the directory windows.

Re:- TV terminal ....... i may have to ditch the graphics obj for this project anyways,......for one reason my chassis has little room left for even a mini screen. However i need at least some text2screen for debug and calibration so TV terminal object would fit the bill.

Although I am surprised you did not leave the original PCB on it. It has so many resources on it.

Then you could have the ATmega1280 as a slave processor, use some of it's memory, use it's FET motor drivers etc.
I would suggest that it could take care of the wheel encoders and compass inputs to do the mapping for you. with 8K of EEPROM memory to store the map in. Use it's I2C interface for master/slave communications.

The expansion sockets on the original PCB were designed specifically so you could add other PCB's and sensors.

I have by no means finished with the mutli-talented Atmega board - actally i did not have the heart to solder wires to it.......

.....the chassis and atmega board are easy to separate and its only a temp. solution until a new drive base appears, or my SchneeBeast finds her way back from Japan.

.... i was drawn to use the chassis because i knew how well Mr.Tidy moves during left/right scanning procedures.

....But there again....... could Gareth be secretly Proping the gripper mechanics too..........DunDunDunDahhhhh....

Hee, before you Borg your laptop to it :D

Space constraints on the Prop board for programs?  How much space do you need?  I might have something shortly you might be able to use...

Looks like you need a second or third deck captain...

Quote :-

"Main Memory is located in the Hub and is accessible to each cog, one at a time, in a round-robin fashion. It is divided into two equal sections: Main RAM and Main ROM.

Main RAM is 32 KB, organized as 8192 32-bit longs. It holds your program, data, global variables, and stack space, which collectively make up your Propeller Application. Main RAM is byte, word, or long addressable and each location is usually referred to as an "address."

The 32 KB Main ROM holds read-only system resources: the Boot Loader and Spin Interpreter, character definitions, and log, antilog, and sine tables."

end Qoute


As far as i know its not possible to increase the internal memory (dont qoute me on that one).

However it is possible to add an SD card for program/program-data which you can port into the propeller "on the fly" (not tested by me), but i guess this would be a (relative) slow process compared to HardRam.

If you would have an alternative then my Elves would to "all ears"