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Does anyone know if Arduino Mega support up to 16 servos?

Hi all,

I have 12 servos connected on mega with no problem. However, when I try to add up to 14 or 16 servos, at least 2 of servos are not working. I am not sure if it only support certain amount of servo or something?


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Nice robot 

Sigh, just the looking. I try to add 2 hand for better balance but servos are not working if more than 12...

As a last resort you might find the TLC5940 IC interesting, although it is only 12-bit.

I have give up Arduino Mega for now since it's not working properly no matter which method I tried and end up using "Renbotics ServoShield" to operate it.


However I don't really feel comfortable with this shield because:

(There are chinese characters because I ask the same question in other forum as well.)


Thanks for everyone who helps me here~ :)

I guess you need to get a Eleven board or a SB-Freeduino board, or a SeeedStudio board, all use the small USB connector.

Ah~ Sweet! I didn't know the first two exists. Thanks for the info.