Let's Make Robots!

Lacking ideas


I'm lacking robot ideas. I've already made all the robots that I "always wanted to build".

So I made myself a little gimic.

I made this robot named "Pig Knuckle" that needs a purpose.

So what do you think this robot should do?

Line follower, sumo, wall follower, crash test dummy, the options are limitless.

You choose.

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You should find a competition such as line following and participate :)

Or, you can even enter one of the challenges here on LMR

I like this one: 


But this one is my favorite so far:


You guys are right, I should use this as an entry to that challenge. Though I'll swap controllers for faster I/O.

Use that empty area at the front to install a television remote control holder. When your team is doing badly, change the channel, place the remote in Pig Knuckle's cradle, and have him run away. Add whatever sensors you need to help him avoid being caught too easily by you. Maybe by the time you manage to catch him and switch the channel back to the game, your team will be doing better... or the game will be over and you will be out of your misery.

are all excellent and I have no new ones to add. I would however add that for that bot to "Cross the gap" it would either have to move faster and/or have a pole to help vault it over the 12" space that it must clear to make it to the other side.

ignoblegnome's idea sounds almost better than antonio.caciuc's options. Either that or complete one or both of the competitions and then teach your 'bot to play keep away. :)

I saw the vid. Speedy and precise!