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3.7v to 5-6v?

I would like to add this battery to my project:



However I am using 6v motors (would run fine on 5v for my application) how would I go about stepping up my voltage? I've looked at some voltage doubling circuits but to be quite honest I'm a bit lost. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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Sorry, not used to the way this forum works.

This is exactly what I needed! Thanks for uncovering the answer hiding in plain sight!

Maybe you can use something like this?



Just be aware that by supplying your motors through the DC-DC step-up converter, you are limited to the current that the converter can supply. The web page says this is about 300mA. Make sure that your motors are not going to demand more than that.

If they are, you might be better off with a different battery all together.

I found this one aswell:


3.7 volts at 800 ma should do the trick!