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Parallax Propeller/WiiMote White Board

Enables you to draw in Virtual Air-space, or control things ie.Virtual Control Button Panel

I have been a fan of Johnny Chung Lees work with the Wiimote camera for a long time now ....

... (its always/always roaming in the back of my mind)

.... during my experimentation with the "Lassiter" i had one of those wait a "MoMo" moments .................

Thats when the fun began and some simple modifications turned out into a Virtual White Board.


The Wiimote can track InfraRed Light, i have made an IR pen from an IR LED with resister through a switch to a 3V battery supply.

By pointing a wiimote at a LCD display, you can create very low-cost interactive whiteboards or tablet displays.

Since the Wiimote can track  4 points, up to 4 pens can be used simultaneously .

It can also be used with rear-projected displays ie Beamers for extra fun and immersion.

NonStream Video Link here :- propellerwhiteboard.wmv

I present here a Parallax Propeller WiiMote WhiteBoard.

My system uses a Parallax Propeller chip programmed in spin.......

..... the Key to the whole idea is a simple Hacked WiiMote Camera tracking an InfraRed Blob of light.


Here is the Physical InfraRed Pen used for the Virtual Painting

Its basically 3V battery connected through a switch and resistor.

Here you can see my virtual screen reset buttons. You can have as many as you want, any size/shape and wherever you want.

Any colour can be used - this is an idea of the palette spectrum.

Its not limited to just drawing.......why not predraw buttons and slider etcetc and use the IR pen press the virtual buttons and control motors and servos and...and..and.

BTW :- its  not limited to a small screen - it can be scaled up to Johnny Chung Lee style "Beamer"




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You made it to hackaday!

Thanks pips17 - I have often dipped into hackaday for wii-bluetooth info they have a heap of good links....... ( its the first time they have spotted my work :-)

How long does it take the wiimote to pick up a blob? Is it fast enough that you could identify specific pins by having them blink a manchester-encoded id code?

The Wiimote camera is mega fast 100Hz.

My coding of the propellor tracks approx 40 dot/second - don't forget its tailored as white board. If you where to tweak it to a specific range/size etcetcetc then i am sure the speed can be improved. (a recent program change i made speed-ed my code by a factor of 3 so anything is possible even in assembly code)

I am interested in your application using Manchester encoding , would you care to elaborate.....


haha, my school does that too but they have something called a smartboard which is not like this but similar (it is like a huge tablet PC) but this would be much cooler.

I do like this. Putting the interactive whiteboard inside of a robot, rather than having to use a computer with it, was a great idea.

Im using a 7 inch LCD display and placed the Wii camera at 12 inches - this gives space for drawing.

If you fit it to a robot then just allow for some "HeadRoom" :-)


wow! i'm sure i can use this for writing notes in class. hook this up to a laptop instead of the TV

Better still, the teacher would be better off using it instead of a "BlackBoard", then network the picture\info to your "lappy" - (they do this in my sons school - however without my gadjet......... yet ;-)

sweet project :)