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Pan/Tilt Load capacity

Hey guys thanks for reading! I am thinking about making a paintball sentry or turret(whichever you would like to call it) and I need too know how much you guys think the material of the mechinism will hold. Most specifically will it hold my paintball gun? Thanks for reading and I would appreciate all your help! *If you find one that you think is better tell me that too! :) 

LInks- Pan/tilt- http://www.robotshop.com/servocity-spt200-pan-tilt-1.html

Paintball gun wieght- approx.- 4 lbs

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The bottom line is that the servo shaft itself is a very poor place to mount anything. They are designed to transfer rotational torque to a little arm. The load (attached to that arm) moves in almost a straight line and everything is cool. When you mount something heavy on this servo horn, you are now introducing funny forces that the servo horn was not designed to withstand. Think: prying off a cap on an asprin bottle. The servo could be huge and yes, it's shaft/horn would be beefier but again, not really designed to bear weight.

Instead, I would focus almost entirely on the pivots and brackets of the pan/tilt system. Start looking at the fancy $1500 units and see how they are put together. Make the same thing, just with stuff you have. Start with thinking about the frame and how to make it simple, strong and without "flex points" --get the "slop" out of it. Bearings out of rollerblades, a nylon washer between 2 metal ones, a bolt through a tube --lotta ways to do this.

huh never really thought that far on home parts... thanks Chris I guess I once again am amazed at how this stuff works. thanks again for helpin me out. I will make sure to show you guys when its done. :) thanks 

This servo from Pololu could work, its $40 and rated for over 400 oz-in: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1648

OK thanks ill check it out

ok thanks. I have a price problem.... haha since im just a kid but ill keep looking :) thanks! If ya come upon anything please tell me thanks agin Chris and airuno!

and before i forget do you think the material itself will hold the gun? i saw that thing but never really considered it haha

A much stronger pan and tilt unit.

Word on the street is that RobotShop has some stronger pan and tilt units.

The gun is twice the max weight when it is sitting on a table. Gotta figure in recoil, dude. When it fires, you now have 4lbs moving which translates to the servos seeing a LOT more weight then just 4 pounds.

do you have any suggestions on what to use??

I don't think regular servos would be strong enough for a paintball gun.