Let's Make Robots!

Finally got 16 servos working... phew~~

I thought this should be easy to setup with 16 servos in ArduinoMega, however it doesn't support over 12+ servos. Maybe I don't find the proper way to use it. I end up use Arduino Duemilanove + Renbotics ServoShield to make it works. I hope someday someone could tell me how to operate 16+ servos on Mega.

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hey can u post some more videos

that is one awsm bot man!! congrats!

Thanks! My coding skill sucks and this biped is a big chellange for muself. Sure I will post good video when I have it ready.(I dono when thou. LOL)

Why do you say the Arduino Mega does not support more than 12 servos? It supports 48 servos. I suspect you have made a mistake.

Were you also trying to use PWM?

I also try to use your code for chopsticks but still not working on mine. I guees probably something wrong on my MEGA.

Looks like baby's first steps!

Yes, it is. :)

Wow :)

Hey nice robot

Can you share the specs of your servos ?

They all 5645MG digital servos from HITEC.

Well, at least it works. I guess I`m gonna try to control 9 or 10 servos with an arduino mini. Seems like 12 is max. Hope I don`t run into a problem ;).