Let's Make Robots!


Moves around based on vibrations and bristle foot

OK, we dig bristle bots, and got a set of HexBugs as a gift. They're a blast.

Now, since building the SHR, we view all things as potential robot bodies. At Target, they were selling kitchen scrubbers for a buck. (US$1). The rubber top made a great spot for a switch or could have been a light, or even a propeller.

The clear body looked like a great spot for a flashing LED for night time use.

Love the switch we found for this. Fit's perfectly in the rubber top.showing switch through rubber top

So used a breadboard to figure out the basics, but when it went together, fit was an issue. It didn't. That's why you see holds drilled through the bottom. The idea was to nestle/mount the battery within the bristles. Figured this would help bring the center of gravity down as well.



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That is really funny looking. Any chance of a video of the big guy in action?

Reminds me of those commericals for the bathtub scrubbing bubbles. I always used to wish those things were real when I was a kid.


Thanks for the note. Ah yes, the scrubbing bubbles. My call for a name change.

No video yet. Have not yet got it working. Fit issues. I went with one of my favorite rules, "Step away from the robot."

Letting it sit while contemplating how to turn a deoderant stick dispenser into something.

Will post when it's alive.

I haven't done it yet, but I've always contemplated turning a deoderant stick container into a toy blaster or tri-corder or something with lights and sounds.

If it can go in circles and flash some lights - while it cleans the floor :)) - it would be awesome!