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tǎnkè is the Chinese word for tank. I've ordered this monster at taobao and today it arrived. I am looking forward to dismantle and hack it.

The inisde construction is quite interesting. There is a module called Multi Function Unit, which contains several motor drivers, sound effect, etc. The Multi Function Unit is controlled by just one wire, conntected to the RX, probably some kind of PWM.

More soon.

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Hi Oddbot, welcome back in town.

As the motors are only on/off I will use another motor driver.

Did the top of it shoot or was it just for looks? A kid gave me this one and it shoots plastic pellets. I need some pellets to test how well mine shoots, but  I should be able to have some fun with it :)

Hi Patrick,

Yeah it shoots small plastic pellets. There is a small electric air pump inside and even a smoke generator. Maybe I'll use these parts for other projects.