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Navigate around using wireless video camera and bluetooth.

The reason it has no name is because it is basically a platform cobbled together by cannibalising some of my other projects. The only point in putting it together is to allow me to get to grips with bluetooth communications and video "vision".

Eventually, I want to be able to get the bot to send images to my PC, which will be processed by something like RoboRealm http://www.roborealm.com/ , then recognise objects, send commands by bluetooth to the bot, which will automatically go and collect them. (Setting myself high goals?)

You will see in the video that I am still getting used to touch screen technology :) (it took me ages to get even mouse clicks right in the early days ). Also, the camera on the bot picked up interference when my wife kindly decided to choose that moment in time to switch on her PS3, which is between my PC and the room where the bot was. Cheers!

My thanks and credit must go to CtC for helping me get the bluesmirf going properly, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24555 and kucza for allowing me access to his android app and letting me modify it for my own purposes http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24779

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Hey thanks-I think I may give these a shot as it totals less than $30 for a wireless camera to a computer using an RCA to USB adapter:

or on second thought I may look into a better quality one that costs slightly more.

Very nice!

 Have you thought about using the camera from the phone (put the phone on the robot in a craddle, communicate to the robot with Bluetooth and wireless to the PC)? Is there an App that allows the camera on the phone to do wireless streaming? I would like to see a robot with an Android phone as a brain... is it possible?

To be honest guys, the phone was an afterthought. I was really just trying to setup communication between the bot and my PC for future autonomous control using video and object recognition. 


@ RobotFreak. I have to say, I do love the Google GUI for the Android, and it does make it very easy to create your own apps :)

Cool, Android controlled robots rocks. Been playing around with App Inventor for a while. Its very easy to use it to control a robot with bluetooth. At the moment I'm trying to read back the sensor values from the robot sensors via bluetooth.

@Ro-Bot-X. Yes it is possible to use an Android phone as robot brain and stream the camera video to a PC or to the Internet. Look at the famous Cellbots project. Using it succesful on my MASHR robot.

Nice work. I'm thinking about getting that same camera for a future project I have in mind. Are you pleased with it? I've seen people complain of overheating.

The camera is very cheap, MnGeeky, so I suppose you get what you pay for. I haven't noticed any overheating, but the picture and reception quality is not really good enough for my eventual needs. However, it does work, and for the price I'm happy with it.

I'm interested in a cheap wireless camera I can interface with a PC, can you post a link or provide a model # of the one you used?  Thanks & nice project

Hi rogue.

This is the one I bought, but it was cheaper then.

Just search for pinhole or wireless camera - there are loads.