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General Prop

eventually navigate via ultrasound and compound eye

I started building the Mr General kit this morning. Cant continue much further until the 3.3v regulator arrives. Waiting on a free sample of a MCP 3208 from microchip to use as an ADC.

Side View

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 It is good to see others using the Parallax prop. I am just starting on the prop.

Hey this is great. I've been waiting for someone to try using this kit with something other than Picaxe or Arduino. If you did want to put a colour display on the Bot as CTC suggest then this little fellow might be the way to go.


It's 35mm x 40mm and at $15 USD it is hard to beat.

Seriously, I got a small 7 or 9" color LCD on Ebay for around $35. It came with mounts, a base etc. Simply a GODSEND when debugging etc. If you do text alone, it is something like 25 char across and 20 lines up and down. Awesome!

When is your regulator going to get here?!?! I want to see this thing go with a prop!!!  --Gotta get a cheap LCD mini TV for it's back.

the wait for this regulator is killing me.
cant finish working on the mechanics without centering the pan tilt servos.
the tv is on the list down the line 

Do you have to work in a approved by microchip company or to study in a university to take a free sample

or someone that wants to test can have one too?

aslong as you go through microchips sample site and put letsmakerobots.com as your company it seems to work.

I did but it says the e-mail ending has to be the same with the name of the company.

And I cant have an e-mail  with letsmakerobots.com ending.

I never had that problem.
i just used my regular email address and things went through fine.
what chip are you trying to sample?
have you made an account with them?

I found a solution on this one,if you try to make an account from the sample page it says what I told you before ,when I tried to make an account from the home page all worked fine like you said .