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roams around on rough terrain and avoids objects or overcomes them

tǎnkè is the Chinese word for tank. Ordered this 1/16 scale model of the German tank Tiger with metal gear motors and metal tracks at taobao and started to build a new robot.

First I removed the complete upper parts and this is how it looks today:

The motor driver will be a Sabertooth Dual 25A 6-24V. The robot will have a SRF05 and wireless camera with 500mW TX at the front and two Sharp IR at the rear.



Front cover with servo bracket for camera and SRF05 pan/tilt unit added. The cover is made from 2mm ABS sheet and then painted.

Camera and SRF05 pan/tilt unit finished and Sharp IR's on the rear added:


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Dang!!! I am just so envy that you could get anything from taobao. They really do got tons to goodies out there.

Why don't you hack the already present motor driver ?

Because I can not PMW the motors with it.

Are you sure ? Im not talking about hacking it from the RC unit. But directly hacking the motor controller. it should mainly be some transistors or perhaps an IC. its just backtracking the circuit from the outputs to find out ! If i was in your shoes, and if i had the time, i'd try to :)