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Next generation LMR: Submitting robots

Del Rudolph and I are designing the Next generation LMR :)

Now, I can promise you that we can not implement even half of the ideas that our thousands of creative and talented members might have :)

BUT! I would like to ask if there is any fields that you would like added when submitting a new robot project. Or more like; Are there ways to FIND robots that you wuld like? Because if we implement new fields, like "Does it have sound", it should be because you'd like (or think others would like) to look for "robots with sound".

Another disclaimer; I cannot (because of lack of time) respond to any discussions in this tread, but everything wil be read, and if you agree with someone, write it, so we can see that this idea that someone has, is something that many would like :)


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Have them not actually show up in the list (the blogs do, that's what I'm referring to). Or if they do, link them to a "It's a draft!" page instead of the not-so-clear "Requested Page Not Found" result we have now.

Ability to search on fields such as ' body style', 'sensors', 'drive design' in addition to the processor and code used. These could be additional fields one fills when posting a new robot.

A special code box which has its own scrollable window as some LMRians post their code on the screen instead of linking to a file.


Maybe instructables like photo viewer ?

As in how you can put multiple pictures in one line and switch between them by clicking on the thumbnail underneath. I think it would make the page more organized and you could upload more pictures for each step of the construction without making a really long page.  

Like Frits said, all suggestions will be read. I am replying to some in order to gather more information. Just because I don't reply to yours doesn't mean I'm ignoring it :)

for internet remote controlled robots

Otherwise known as a telerobot as I understand it.  Maybe add a checkbox for robots matching this type of robot capability.

I find that the 500x500 limit for images can be a problem for displaying schematics. I often cheat and bypass the automatic re-scale to make the schematics readable.Even robot photos look better if they are bigger.

Could the limit be increased to at least 640 wide (800 would be great) with unlimited height?