Let's Make Robots!

Making Halloween Decorations

Making Halloween Decorations!


I always wanted to make a robot arm so I bought a Halloween werewolf severed arm to make into a art bot robot arm.

I then chopped it up so that I can actuate the rubber parts.


Here's the servo's hot glued in on some foam board.


I will be making plastic fingers for these servo's to actuate.


More updates to follow!




After those singing fish came out a few years ago I thought it would be fun to make a programmable talking skull. I purchased 2 of these light up skulls from my local crap mart store. They have a circuit that uses a IR sensor to allow them to light up as you pass in front. I hacked one to add a arduino, a Inex ZX-19 sound board, and a servo for it to talk.

This first picture is of the unmodified skull.


Here's the servo hot glued into the base with the arm glued and metal pinned to the jaw


I have more work to do on this project but here's preliminary pictures of it talking


The things I'm working on presently are repairing it after I dropped it when taking these pictures. I also need better jaw to speech timing and I'm considering replacing their sensor with a sonar to add range.


I will post a video once I resolve these minor issues